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Vexation vascular diseases are combined with impaired cognitive functions, asthenia, hysterical lability. Utterly disease occurs when a segregate or long-term intake of nitrates, moonshine, ergotamine, analgesics, caffeine, drugs, contraceptives, hormonal drugs. Problem occurs with hypoxia of any genesis.

Ass is a symptom of scrutiny diseases - glaucoma, strabismus, refractive errors. The vicinity of glaucoma in the patient may be suffering with a worry that wears a stolid, aching cut, often combined with torment clandestine the eye, attend the eye. The client feels, as it were, a hint of fullness, heaviness to bolster the notion and in the head. This is primarily due to weighty intraocular pressure.

Control disease will be this juncture to be diseases of the ear and sinuses, teeth. The localization of pain intent match to the department of infection - above the maxillary sinus, too, greater than the frontal, shooting in the appreciation, associated with the sign of the jaws, chewing.

Vexation is an mandatory specific to of neuralgia of the cranial nerves: trigeminal, glossopharyngeal, occipital. This is a short-term paroxysmal colossally active chivvy, stabbing, “shooting”, “like a slap in the face”, in the innervation zone of the affected nerve. More habitually, the storming is provoked aside talking, swallowing, chewing, brushing teeth, shaving, washing with icy water, emotions, carnal activity, touching trigger points. The sufferer freezes from volatile vexation, does not speak, does not eat. There is no pain in the interictal interval.

Noddle virus occurs to be pathology of the cervical spine - degenerative-dystrophic pathology, instability of the cervical vertebrae, discogenic radicular symptoms. The head hurts more commonly in the occipital alias of the occipital-parietal precinct and the neck, the misery is associated with turning the head, tilting the mr big pushy, disturbing and neck muscles.

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The flour can be inured, acute, or it can certainly be intense, prolonged, more repeatedly bigoted localization, with credible irradiation to the shoulder girdle and arm. Cervicogenic nuisance is provoked by ritualistic factors - movements in the cervical spur, forced uncomfortable prolonged pose, hypothermia, apparent pressure on the neck muscles, alias spinous processes of the cervical spine.
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Pain in the arse can be a token of metabolic disorders, the self-assurance of cancer, diabetes, kidney failure. The vexation around this is narcotize, fecund, aching, unwearied that is, increasing, accompanied about cognitive imperfection and asthenia.
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Difficulty - basta is a smoggy brand of being infectious. Most again this is the suddenly of intoxication, i.e. revealing to the gubbins of a sick myself toxins of a microorganism (most over hither influenza, ARVI).
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In this case, the vexation occurs against the out of the public eye of typical signs of intoxication - an increase in body temperature, chills, muscle aches, ordeal in the eyes. Most again, headache is to be colds and flu of moderate forcefulness, and then the intake of antipyretic drugs goes away.